Green Way

" There is nothing permanent except change "


This was the thought of LEMI when choosing, in 2014, the way of sustainability. This is a long and challenging process that brings results only if pursued with seriousness. This is why LEMI did not stop but continued, embarking on a path of corporate growth that involved several aspects, aiming at a continuous improvement for both the people and the environment they work in.

Fitness Zone

Straight to business improvement aimed at well-being, the already present area devoted to the GYM has recently been renewed.

Employees can take advantage of a high-quality gym equipment at the end of the working day and during break times, to set up a personal fitness plan according to their needs.

This allows people to enter the perspective of the importance of constant physical activity, which is often difficult to practice either because of one’s own agenda or simply for lack of will.

English Lessons

Wholly oriented to the global market and as a world leader in wellness, LEMI could not fail to pay attention to the linguistic preparation of his employees, setting up an English course with lessons based on people’s single levels.

The goal is to practice the spoken language fluently, using the typically business vocabulary.


In the company's green vision, why not raising a herd of 10 goats that help with maintaining the balance between urban space and green in the surrounding area?
LEMI did it! With the engagement to feed them daily and create the right conditions for their maintenance in a large enclosed space where they find a shelter whenever weather conditions are adverse, thanks to a hut personally built by Lemi owners.

Green Thinking

At the beginning, by equipping the plant with photovoltaic panels and LED lighting systems, thus improving his own impact on the environment searching for clean energy consumption and creating a scale of value that is not based only on economic criteria.

An example is the selection of new suppliers and new materials, such as FSC® certified wood, used for the production of our Beauty & Spa high-quality beds.

In the same way, mattress coverings are free of synthetic colors and toxic materials, always respecting the environment.


Two years ago a post-work pilates course was launched in a dedicated room, involving different employees who have enjoyed this discipline aimed at improving posture, which is often jeopardized due to incorrect working positions and physical disorders. Both the mind and the body are equally stimulated, so as to transform the lesson into a moment of total well-being, particularly appreciated after a busy workday.

Dining Area

Since 2017 LEMI has highlighted the wellbeing of his employees. Firstly, a 10-minute break mid-morning and a 10-minute break mid-afternoon have been institutionalized for all the team providing the opportunity to meet in a specific area inside the company, the warm and comfortable DINING AREA equipped with all necessary appliances.

Secondly, this modern space is also designed to have lunch, avoiding to stay in office or take one’s own means to go out for lunch. This saves time and energy, besides providing benefits for health, as it is possible to share a common space and have lunch in peace, without having to constantly check the clock.

Lean Production

Lemi has never stopped, but she has always tried to improve herself in every aspect. He then identified "lean production" as a way to identify waste, eliminating it and producing more. This is nothing but the first principle on which lean production is based. The next phase involves the creation of a flow of value that must become continuous and that is what LEMI has done, intervening radically on production planning, creating a production system on which there is a continuous interaction with the customer. This allows us to anticipate market demands by organizing production and minimizing waste of time and resources. In concrete terms, LEMI has implemented practical tools such as "Visual Management": signage, shelving and blackboards in production areas aimed at optimizing individual production activities. Shapes, symbols, arrows, all to classify paths and zones, making it clear to anyone the behaviors to be avoided or followed, thus creating the habit of optimally using the available space keeping it neat and clean and therefore safer.

Furthermore, LEMI has adopted another lean method, the 5 S method (seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, shitsuke) to reorganize work procedures based on 5 fundamental steps. Starting from the elimination of unnecessary work tools and the consequent organization of those strictly necessary, the environment is kept constantly clean and in order. LEMI has made this process standard and shared by all operators. Without neglecting the Just in Time (JIT) method, which has led to a speeding up of the production system and synchronization with the market. It consists of minimizing stocks, increasing productivity and improving service to customers. All in real time drawing, as in the supermarket, on raw materials or finished products, based on a traction logic linked to market demand. Even the reorganization of production reflects LEMI's idea of ​​improving, not only as a company, but as a growth environment.

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