Pedicure chair for beauty salons: how to choose a luxury version

An excellent pedicure chair in a beauty salon helps you turn every treatment into a luxury product. Find out how to choose the best.

A luxury pedicure chair allows you to offer a premium service that can attract high-spending customers and keep them satisfied in the long term. Find out how to choose the right chair.

Pedicure chairs for beauty salons: three factors to consider

When choosing the perfect pedicure chair for your beauty salon, it’s important to consider some key factors that ensure both comfort for the operator and the wellbeing of the customer. Here are the most important features to look at before you buy:

  1. Classic or no-plumbing?
  2. A conventional pedicure chair is connected to the water system, and the tubes need to be thoroughly cleaned to guarantee hygiene at all times. On the other hand, a modern no-plumbing model is faster to install and simpler to maintain.

  3. Single or multifunction?
  4. Unlike basic models, a multifunctional manicure and pedicure chair like those offered by Lemi allows you to offer a range of services in the same cubicle, facilitating cross-selling and maximising wellbeing for a five-star relaxation experience. Consider the investment in terms of image and financial return: in this case, a higher cost comes with the opportunity to increase sales considerably.

  5. Basic or comfort?
  6. A luxurious pedicure chair guarantees unparalleled comfort. As treatments can last from 30 minutes to over an hour, it’s important that both the practitioner and the recipient of the treatment are as comfortable as possible. Moreover, customers with reduced mobility (pregnant women, the elderly, overweight or convalescent) will be delighted that they can sit down and get up easily without the embarrassment of asking for help. Choose a luxury pedicure chair with good padding, comfortable support and perhaps some great extras.

amalfi pedicure and manicure chair

Beauty salon: pedicure chair and furnishings

In the cubicle of a pedicure chair, furnishings and decoration help to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Choose a unit that will enhance the style of your salon, elegant items with sophisticated design; and don’t forget the importance of surfaces: fine textures and shades in line with the surrounding aesthetics will help you create a high-end space.

Professional pedicure chairs: choose Italian luxury

Lemi supplies 100% Italian pedicure chairs for beauty salons designed from experience and made with care to offer you exceptional quality. Bear in mind the information we’ve offered in this brief explanation, browse our catalogue, and don’t hesitate to ask our experts for help to clear up any doubts before choosing the best luxury pedicure chair for your business: you’ll be astonished at the difference it makes in terms of image and customer satisfaction. To browse our catalogue, click here.