How to choose the right furniture for a spa

Spa furniture is essential to ensure the atmosphere of maximum relaxation within a place that is the very essence of well-being. Therefore, a specific study of the single structure is essential through which to bring the maximum harmony, with a constant balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. In this in-depth study, we take you to the discovery of spa furniture, in order to create it in the best possible way.

Spa furniture: in the name of design

Design is at the center of furniture today, and concerns multiple aspects ranging from the expectations of the end customer to the management of spaces, so as to create an effect where the mind finds itself resting at first glance, integrating, at the same time, those equipment capable of guaranteeing maximum relaxation on a practical level.

Therefore, it is essential to balance the right materials, colors, but also the practicality of the solutions. When these three elements manage to converge, the result is truly guaranteed. We remind you that the goal is to immediately perceive the atmosphere of the spa that is necessary to encourage the person to relax, be pampered and spend some time there, with the desire to never go away. Let’s go into more detail.

How to furnish a spa: the materials

The materials are fundamental in the choice of the spa furnishing. Those that are most suitable are:

Wood. Wood is the material that most suggests relaxation, thanks to the warm tones and the strong appeal it has with nature. It is essential to choose the right one according to the effect you want to achieve: ebony and oak for the most sophisticated environments; beech and cherry for the brighter ones. A result in the name of relaxation.

Stone. A material of excellence as regards the wellness center, not to be underestimated and included, when possible, with local products. A warm solution, capable of recalling nature like wood and requiring little maintenance.

Glass. Transparency is a distinctive feature of the wellness center environments and glass allows both to act as a dividing element, in the shower areas for example, and to enrich the furnishings of the spa. A must that cannot be missed, capable of giving a sense of cleanliness and relaxation.

Plexiglass. A modern, versatile, refined and elegant material, widely used in the furnishing of the spa being also practical and durable. Perfect for furniture such as tables and chairs, but also for shelves and corners where you want to furnish yes, but with discretion.

Steel. Steel is a guarantee in terms of cleanliness and hygiene, perfect for ensuring compact furniture solutions, resistant and easy to clean, elegant as ever and in total harmony with the other materials we have mentioned. A guarantee from all points of view


How to furnish a spa: colors

The colors, in spa furnishing, it is important that they are relaxing to the eye. From this point of view, lights are fundamental, which must be designed from the beginning with respect to the tones of the surfaces, furniture and spaces in general. Better to prefer a suffused and delicate environment, never invasive and disruptive, without excesses and always sober.

Alongside colors such as white (to be avoided in the shade of optical white, too striking) are perfect pastel shades of cream, ivory, blue and even green, when delicate such as in the case of sage green. You can dare, then, but don’t overdo it. The atmosphere is necessary to be rarefied and it is essential that it is reflected in the quality of the paints used for the walls, strictly washable, and in the attention to detail, with the presence of candles, lanterns, plants, and much more. In this way, the style of the spa is intimate and personal.

How to furnish a spa: the furniture that can not miss

Furniture is really crucial when it comes to a spa, and it is important that they are able to ensure the right balance of style and practicality, just like in design. In addition to furniture, stools, trolleys and desks, there are also solutions such as massage beds, relaxation loungers and specific armchairs for beauty treatments.


Furniture able to combine innovation, practicality and comfort, both for customers and for the staff who find themselves every day using them. Also in this case to make the difference are the quality of the materials, which is important to be suitable to be sanitized properly, as well as the colors, in line with those prepared in the spa furniture of the rooms.