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Design, with Profit in mind

The success of your Spa and Wellness center cannot be an accident. It has to pre-meditated and planned carefully from the beginning to ensure that it will turn a profit as soon as possible. At Lemi, a brand with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we know it’s not easy, but we are here to help. With our Profit Spa Design, we go above and beyond quipment and offer you the best partners to have a long and successful career.

It’s the beauty and refinement of a piece of furniture that pushes you to buy it. When you find something that you truly love it’s because its design has captivated you. Thanks to the years dedicated to the study of design, Lemi’s work hows sensitivity, empathy and technique in every step of the design process, offering you beautiful yet functional  quipment.

Profit Style

One of the most important things at Lemi, and something that drives the whole design process is how to solve a real problem with function and style. One of the many examples of how Lemi does this is with its “intelligent” spa beds. The secret is certainly in the control that Lemi exerts over its production from start to finish, but also the consistent thread that finds its way into every project: Profit Design. Nothing is done for the heck of it; everything has a reason and an expertise behind it. In a nutshell, every Lemi bed is thought out before it’s constructed. This makes the picking easy for you.

Two shining examples of this are Gemya and Centrun Evo. Soft and sinuous lines, simple and attractive shapes, and serious and refined style: this is Gemya, the bed that perfectly intertwines functionality and design. To embellish Gemya, and all Lemi beds for that matter, Lemi has used cutting edge technology and excellent materials such as steel chrome and curved wood. While Gemya is a symbol of style to service, Centrun represents the idea of functionality with its original style and the natural materials. In its shape and essence, it’s an ideal bed to create an exclusive wellness space. The attention to detail and amazing finishes ensures that each Lemi product is absolute perfection.

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