In this section of the website, we are presenting our full line of swivel stools. This is the perfect salon work stool, designed specifically for beauty professionals, and it can enrich visually both beauty centers and spas.
Apart from their precious function, they are elegant furnishing accessories. Let’s discover them all right away!

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Beauty therapist stool – it is made with different materials to match different needs. LEMI collection of swivel work stools for beauty therapists includes leather stools and plastic chairs for spas. Specifically, here are the series:

  • 010 – 010 S
  • 040 – 040 S
  • 015 – 015 Pedi
  • 019 – 019 Pedi
  • 021 – 021 S
  • 030 – 030 S
  • 035 – 035 S
  • 050 – 050 S
  • 052 – 052 S
  • 070 A

LEMI swivel work stools are differentiating according to the various type of seat – round or bicycle saddle, and to the presence of the backrests. All the models are height-adjustable with gas pump technology.

Some models, such as Stool 021, 021 S, 035 and 035 S, are equipped with a round footrest.

Each esthetician stool is also provided with a height-adjustable seat, to ensure maximum comfort for professionals who perform manicures, pedicures, and facial beauty treatments. A pedicure stool line, with lower heights, is also available to facilitate pedicure execution.

Choosing LEMI spa supplies definitely means putting at the disposal of your assistants a beauty therapist stool whose ergonomic shape allows them working with ease and stability. These are important factors in any precision job that requires movement.

Find out now all the technical and aesthetic details of our stools!

Find out Suite Stool, our unique and inimitable esthetician stool

Our collection of swivel work stools is enriched and completed by Suite Stool,  a unique and valuable esthetician stool. Featuring an elegant design with quilted faux leather, the Suite Stool is presented in more than 30 colors, with its base in polished steel, aluminum and grey variants.

The Suite Stool is available in 3 different models – 169, 169 F, and 169 S, this last one having the backrest.

With its 15 kg weight and 66x55x45 cm measures, the Suite Stool is the esthetician stool that can make any work environment precious.

Find out right away how you can customize it and give a touch of beauty to wellness centers and spas!

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