Chaise Longue

Chaise Longue

Let us introduce you Relax, the LEMI ergonomic chaise longue Spa collection designed to facilitate blood circulation and ensure an always relaxing position.Find it out  right away!

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Lemi Chaise Longue is the quintessential Chaise Longue for Relax. We are speaking about a wooden beauty bed showcasing an ergonomic design, built for those who are searching for relaxing moments for body and mind. LEMI Chaise Longue is the best chaise longue for Spa.Equipped with a removable mattress, Chaise Longue is an ergonomic chaise lounge chair with a discreet presence, that can be harmonized with the settings and the general style of each Spa, in order to create a warm atmosphere. A natural warmth that is spreading from the fine Okumé wood of the chaise lounge chair to envelop the whole relaxation area.

The chaise longue solid and stable structure qualifies it as a simple yet refined furnishing element. The design, with its sinuous lines, is conceived so that the lower limbs and the heart are aligned, facilitating the regular functioning of the cardiovascular system.

LEMI chaise longue chair for spa allows guests to experience the chance to regain their natural equilibrium, giving them peaceful moments of intense relaxation.

Relax Suite and Rewave, our Chaise Longue Spa supplying charm and ergonomics.

Relax Suite is a precious electrically adjustable chaise longue spa  equipped with 2 electric motors for back and leg adjustment. Coated with faux leather, Relax Suite allows customers to select the most comfortable position using a handy button panel.

Relax Suite is a chaise longue for wellness centers available in more than 50 colors, including the version with the wooden base. The padding is realized with various densities multi-layer rubbers – including an ultra comfort layer with Memory foam. Each chaise longue is coming with a very cozy support table.

Then we find Rewave, LEMI relaxing chaise longue coming with a wooden frame in natural colors or wengé. Rewave is a charming chaise longue, combining simple and natural elements into an ergonomic shape. For its creation, we have selected the most precious woods. The seat is available in two versions, with applied coating or separate mattress. Both versions can be produced with leather faux or fabric, on request.

Why is it called Rewave? The wave is the essential element that defines the simple and elegant design of this chaise longue for spa, the element that makes it the ideal complement to create a plesant and relaxing atmosphere.

Find out now more details about our Spa Relax Suite and Rewave chaise longues!

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